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Disponible le : n.c.
Intitulé : Project Manager SAP
Localisation : be   Liège Belgium    Mobilité : très mobile
Prix :    1000   €/jour  ( Indicatif )

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English Good Level
French Mother Tongues

SAP Knowledge :
SD ☼☼☼☼☼
MM ☼☼☼☼☼
PP ☼☼☼☼☼
WM ☼☼☼☼☼
PM ☼☼☼☼☼
FI ☼☼☼☼☼
IM (investment management) ☼☼☼☼☼
CO ☼☼☼☼☼
IDOC ☼☼☼☼☼
BW ☼☼☼☼☼
CATS ☼☼☼☼☼
HR ☼☼☼☼☼

A background around twenty five years in management of computerized projects oriented toward the logistics management for important companies.
A good knowledge of production environment and process (20 years).
Good relationship with all the hierarchy levels.
Self-Training with SAP R/3 since 1997.
A great capacity to listen, analyze and train.
Certified SAP - Specialized on project management
Management and projects Coordination.
Deep Logistic acknowledge.
Good experiences with big accounts and big projects.
Project management, in complex environments, with staff bigger as 19 peoples.
Realization of a project management method witch consists in make lighter and reduces projects steps and implicates users to guarantee their adhesion and their capacity to use tools.
Every realization is made with obsessive respect of SAP standards and optimum product usage.
Integration between logistics and others SAP/R3 modules.
Determination and customer's guidance. Functional approach


2008 / 2009 XXXX France
Director of Project, in responsibility of install a SAP solution on the whole of the
French universities. (8 Ets pilots (2008) + 40 Ets in 2009 + 70 Ets in 2010,…,
objective 120 Ets in 2012)
Direction of 50 consultants located in Paris, Montpellier and Toulouse.
My mission: to get back a project at one difficult moment (to obtain VSR), to take care about the update of the core model, to restructure the teams, to reorganize the work methods,…, to take care to the financial balance, to bring closer the team on the good practices and to reassure the customer about the durability of the project.
Activities: Analyzes, expertise, core model's update, TMA, administration of the systems, deployments technical, construction of personalization for each Ets, formations technical and functional, users' support…

2007 / 2008 XXXX Lausanne
In charge to implement SAP SD functionalities. Core model creation for a world wide implementation.

2007 / 2007 Scalco Liège
I manage a new SAP project with WM implementation connected on automatic storages.

Analyse and select an integrator who will be in charge to install an ERP in 7 countries and 26 locations.
I was elected to analyze and describe a solution.
Accompaniment of the customer in his steps:
• Statement of what exists,
• Definition of the needs,
• Analyzes needs,
Adjudication of the tenders on a functional point of view.
Handing-over of a report facilitating the choice of a partner and a solution..

2007 / 2007 BSS-IT SPRL Liège
I implement tools, procedures and rules for the company.
SAP Business One was implemented as the internal ERP tool. Commercial activities are developed for the small companies market.

2006 / 2006 Du Pont Mechelen
SD consultant, in charge to analyze and to update a SAP interface with a vendor to manage stock and transportation.
(3 weeks) This project is abandoned
2006 / 2006 GSK Wavre
Delivery Manager
I was in charge to implement new procedures to manage periodical transport order to production (SAP/R3, SRM, APO, BW) for all the projects. (ver 4.7)
In Charge to define methods, procedures and functionality
(5 months)

2006 / 2006 BSS-IT SPRL Liège
Manager of B.S.S. company, I created a new company whose name is BSS-IT.
I installed our new offices into the “Atrium du Vertbois”, rue du Vertbois, 11 to B4000 Liège.
I recruited new collaborators.
I searched synergies with freelance consultants.
I took contacts with SAP Belgium.
I installed the organization.

2003/2005 Groupama Paris
Working as Project Manager with SOPRAGROUP, since April 2003, in charge:
 To implement a particular solution relative to the logistics' group of “Groupama” (a big French insurance company).
 In charge to define the solution, but also to manage the staff, the budget for the project and the integration management.
 This solution is based on SAP 4.6b with FI, CO, MM, SD, IM, "HR" modules plus Workflow and CATS.
 Interfaces are managed with IDOC.
 I define an implementation method completely specific and adapted to the customer.
 I’m in charge to define the solution and to manage the entire project with 12 senior consultants during 7 month for the first part, and with 6 senior consultants for the second part (12 month)
 In 2005 we started a third part with BW and some new interfaces.
 We also started a new contract for "Groupama Système d'Information"; we implement MM, FI/CO IM. (19 consultants).
 I personally lead and manage project teams and I ensure that high complexity and high priority projects are delivered on-time, on-scope and on-budget.
 Three full cycle implementations plus a lot of functionality. (33 months)

20002 / 2003 THQ Paris
In charge to manage and to realize an MM/SD specific implementation on a 4.6c version,.
Idoc and EDI connexions, purchasing implementation, end users were training and functional procedures defined for a company which is a part of a big multinational group working in Electronic Games production and distribution
This contract needs some travels in USA
(Roll out from USA – UK to France).
(7 months).

2002 / 2002 Hunstman Tioxide Calais
(Via KPMG UK) I was in charge to help a multinational company, in their French production site, with their roll out from UK to France. I was in charge of SD module and specially Pricing, Rebates and Invoicing on a full module implementation of SAP 4.6c version in connection with BW, APO & CRM. (5 months)

2001 / 2002 TotalFinaElf Paris
(Via Plaut France) I was in charge of a full cycle implementation of MM module in a version 4.0 of SAP/R3 with particular modules IS-OIL and MIN-OIL. I personally defined and wrote many interfaces and specifics programs between SAP and some other software in other production plant. (6 months)

2001 Bouygues Télécom Paris
In charge to analyzed a specific problem for an MM implementation (services) with SAP/R3 ver. 4.6c. (2 weeks)

2001 Guilbert Belgium Bruxelles
Logistic Manager in charge to manage logistics department and SAP System Information. SAP Responsibilities going from the order taking to the delivery while placing by the purchases, the provisioning and stocks. I was responsible for the department reorganization, the management and the staff training. (6 months)

2000 / 2001 AIB Vinçotte Bruxelles
MM Team Leader : On Sap/R3 V. 4.6c, full cycle implementation with Analysis and implementation of the features Purchases, Stocks and also equipments (PM) and the base for implementation SD with SM modules (12 month half time)

2000 / 2001 Guilbert Belgium Bruxelles
In charge to help the reengineering, in post production, modules SAP R/3'S MM and SD. (8 months half time)

2000 / 2001 DUFERCO La Louvière (Belgique)
Responsible for a full cycle implementation, MM module in production plant on SAP R/3 V. 4.5 as Team Leader (100 days)

1999 / 2000 ADB Zaventem (Belgique)
Consultancy on high level, relating to SD module with SAP R/3 V. 4.5 (4 months part time)

1997 / 2000 ITIN Cergy Pontoise
Responsible for training courses relative to MRP for the engineers carrying out a specialization SAP (several training sessions around 2 to 3 days each)

1999 / 2000 Pasteur Mérieux Lyon, Madrid, Londres, Bruxelles, Rome, Copenhague, Stuttgart
Charged with an analysis concerning the impact for EURO conversion within the SD module SAP R/3 V. 3.1i..
This contract needs travels in 7countries. (For a total of 3months)

1999 / 2000 ROTH Paris
Customisation and implementation of specifics flow for sales (SD) and parameters setting for the Information System (2 months)

1999 / 2000 STOROPACK Paris / Bruxelles / Metzingen
In charge of full cycle implementation, functional consultancy and implementation relative to modules SAP R/3'S MM and SD within the framework of the roll out from a German prototype towards the 6 French companies of this group, 15 plants for stock and production and the national and international trading. (160 days)

1998 / 1998 TALLY Paris
In charge of an analysis relative to the module SAP R/3'S SD (2 weeks)

1998 / 1998 MATERIAUX Paris
Responsible for the functional consulting and the operational project management related to the implementation of the MM/SD modules in production plant, based on a German SAP prototype (1 month)

1997 / 1998 ITIN Cergy Pontoise
In charge of training courses relative to modules SAP R/3'S MM and SD (several training sessions around 2 to 3 days each)

1998 / 1998 TEKELEC Paris
Presentation of specifically developed training courses relative to modules logistics of SAP R/3 (2 weeks)

I train myself on the software package SAP R/3 in the functional aspects of the MM and SD modules. Several topics will covered: (3 months)
o Inventory Management;
o Purchasing;
o MRP;
o Invoice Verification;
o Sales;
o Shipping,
o Pricing,
o Billing;
o Configuration;
o Warehouse management;
o Functional introduction to FI and CO, including integration with MM and SD.

Ce Profil vous intéresse